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The Loyalty Program that goes to a whole new level.
Now you're guaranteed to get your paws on exclusive discounts, flash sale, prizes, and the chance to test my new products.
Now that you've checked-in. The bar is waiting.

The Levels

Level 1


Level 2


Level 3


Level 4


Level 5


The Benefits


You're such a good pup,
let me treat you!
Enjoy a bunch of
boneified benefits and rewards like
gift vouchers,
free upgrades, even a
discount to your total order


Ssssh!!! Don't tell the rest of
the pack - you now will get
sneak peek previews, trials,
pre-order of unreleased
products, as well as early
access to product
launches and secret sales.
That's gotta get
your tail wagging.


They say sharing is caring!
So I'll let you share the
love and the benefits
with your loyal friends -
the closer you get
to checking in to
the penthouse, the
more you both save,
gotta wuv that.


Happy Birthday!
We're gonna party,
like it's your Birthday!
My gift to you? Some extra
cash to splurge and buy yourself the best gift ever.


Don't be caught off guard,
dog! Keep your rewards
for longer - with every
level you'll get more time
to redeem and enjoy the
benefits of your rewards.


Woohoo, it's my shout,
free shipping of your order
Now that's something to
bark about!

See why you'll want to get pupgraded

Discover how the benefits increase as you reach with each new level.

  • Instant signup $10 gift voucher reward
  • Tier entry + anniversary reward
  • Share your rewards with a friendgive % off & get % off
  • Birthday Reward
  • Number of points earned for each $ spent
  • Reward expiry (Number of Days)
  • Exclusive content delivered to your inbox
  • Chance to 2x your points on each purchase
  • Access exclusive competitions with major prizes
  • Access secret flash sales
  • Exclusive previews & preorder opportunitiesfor new or limited stock items
  • Exclusive private product launch accessupto 24 hours shopping time before the crowds
  • Free delivery
  • Free engraving
  • Chance to be the first to try my new productsget your paws on them before any other hound!

Explore the hound hotel

Level 1:

To check in here you need:
0 - 999 points

This is where every hound starts.

I'm so glad you stopped by, and I'd love to welcome you to THE HOUND family. Now that you've checked in, take the time to have a sniff around and see what's on offer. My rewards program has lots of bone-us offers that are sure to get your tail wagging.

Level 2:

To check in here you need:
1,000 - 6,999 points

You've arrived just in time it's Yappy Hour!

The bar is packed with plenty of hard licker and filled with a bunch of party animals - it's the perfect place to go chasin' tail! So come in, kick back, relax and have a drink, the Muttini's are on me, you can be sure no one is getting served hair of the dog here.

You should definitely invite a friend, the more the terrier!

Level 3:

To check in here you need:
7,000 - 18,999 points

I hope you packed your Pupkini's because it's time to stay cool by the pool! You'll want to be sure to dip more than a paw in, the waters mutty fine!

This is the perfect place to show off your best doggy paddle, take a nap in the sun and work on getting the best doggone tan in town. Before retiring to a K9 cabana to sip on a Pina Chihuahua or a few glasses of Dog Perignon.

Level 4:

To check in here you need:
19,000 - 42,999 points

Get fluffed !!!

Pampered pups, handsome hounds it's time to get zenned for a pawdicure, flea bath and jolly good phoofing! You will look a million dollars by the time you leave, ready to strut the red carpet for the puparazzi.

Level 5:

To check in here you need:
43,000 points +

Welcome to the Penthouse, where all the top dog's party and the finest hospitality has been unleashed. Canine connoisseurs prepare to be one spoiled hound and enjoy lavish digs with uninterrupted views of Central Bark.

How it works

Move up the loyalty program for better perks by doing one thing only: earning points.

Buy Me

Every dollar you spend earns you points. The higher the level you are currently in the more points you earn for each $ spent.

  • Level 1 - Earn 10 points for each $ spent
  • Level 2 - Earn 20 points for each $ spent
  • Level 3 - Earn 30 points for each $ spent
  • Level 4 - Earn 40 points for each $ spent
  • Level 5 - Earn 50 points for each $ spent

This is my way of helping you get pupgraded more quickly, so you can unlock even more PAWsome rewards!

Follow Me

Let's have a play date, but first you should probably stalk me on social media.

If you follow me on social you'll earn an easy 300 points.

Review Me

After your order arrives, I'd love nothing more than for you to leave a review of your purchase. Especially if you've got something kind to say, because who doesn't love a compliment! Plus, I'll be sure to reward you handsomely. You'll bank a tidy 100 points for each and every product review, and I'll raise it to 150 points per review if you include a photo too.

  • Each Product Review = 100 points
  • Each Product Review with Photo = 150 points

Share me
with a Friend

They say sharing is caring! So I'll let you share the love and the benefits with your loyal friends - the closer you get to the penthouse, the more you both save, gotta wuv that! They'll get a discount. If they make a purchase, you score an equally good a discount on your whole order too.

  • Level 1 - GIVE 5 & GET 5%
  • Level 2 - GIVE 10% & GET 10%
  • Level 3 - GIVE 15% & GET 15%
  • Level 4 - GIVE 20% & GET 20%
  • Level 5 - GIVE 25% & GET 25%

Take a photo
with me

You sexy beast! How seriously good do you look!?!

I'd love you to snap a picture of your recent purchase and share it with me on Instagram or Facebook, using and #releasethehound to receive 15% off your next order.

Plus you'll score 100 points and automatically be entered into the draw for my monthly giveaway awarded to my favorite photo entry.

  • Each photo shared on social = 100 points

Check in
with me

Oh! And how could I forget - just for checking in to THE HOUND HOTEL you've already earned 200 points! That's because I award you 100 points for each section of the check-in process you complete - 100 points for your check-in and 100 points for your hound(s).

  • Each section of your profile = 100 points

So, if you skipped setting up your profile at check-in be sure to go back and complete it now, it's well worth your while.

Want to speak with the concierge?

He’s currently sniffing through some bags in the luggage room.

But all the answers to your questions are right here.
Size Guide
Classic Collar Size Guide

My collars are designed and sized specifically with comfort in mind. 

It was of paramount importance to me to ensure that my collar is available in a suitable size that will complement the proportions of your best friend, may they be big or small. As a result, I offer the widest range of collar sizes on the market. 

I have developed a sizing system that makes it clear exactly which size is correct for your dog. Your dog's neck size will never border between two sizes and my collar size calculator will tell you exactly what size collar to order for your dog, so you won't ever be left guessing which to choose.

To measure correctly:

1. Place a measuring tape comfortably around your dog’s neck as shown in (A).
Note: use the base of your dog's jaw as the marker for the correct place to take your measurement. This will ensure the collar you order is not too large.

2. Record the measurement in cm.

3. Enter your dog's neck measurement below and the collar size calculator will determine the correct collar size for your dog.

NOTE:  you must enter the actual measurement in cm of the base of your dog’s neck, there is no need to place two fingers between the tape and neck when taking the measurement, the correct extra space to ensure a comfortable fit has already been accounted for in the sizing. For fluffier breeds, be sure to measure slightly under the coat, I want to make sure its a snug fit so your dog does not slip out of the collar.

Collar Size Calculator:
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