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Size Guide
Classic Collar Size Guide

My collars are designed and sized specifically with comfort in mind. 

It was of paramount importance to me to ensure that my collar is available in a suitable size that will complement the proportions of your best friend, may they be big or small. As a result, I offer the widest range of collar sizes on the market. 

I have developed a sizing system that makes it clear exactly which size is correct for your dog. Your dog's neck size will never border between two sizes and my collar size calculator will tell you exactly what size collar to order for your dog, so you won't ever be left guessing which to choose.

To measure correctly:

1. Place a measuring tape comfortably around your dog’s neck as shown in (A).
Note: use the base of your dog's jaw as the marker for the correct place to take your measurement. This will ensure the collar you order is not too large.

2. Record the measurement in cm.

3. Enter your dog's neck measurement below and the collar size calculator will determine the correct collar size for your dog.

NOTE:  you must enter the actual measurement in cm of the base of your dog’s neck, there is no need to place two fingers between the tape and neck when taking the measurement, the correct extra space to ensure a comfortable fit has already been accounted for in the sizing. For fluffier breeds, be sure to measure slightly under the coat, I want to make sure its a snug fit so your dog does not slip out of the collar.

Collar Size Calculator:
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